Waterborne Radon Reduction – Atlanta, Georgia

Waterborne Radon Reduction in Atlanta, Georgia

Waterborne Radon AtlantaWaterborne radon mitigation for your Atlanta, Georgia home is nothing to put off. If you find you need a qualified, trusted radon mitigation contractor for your Atlanta, Georgia home’s water supply, please consider our company’s services.

Radon, a natural element, is found in the soil. Radon is also a radioactive gas, known to cause cancer. Radon can contaminate the water if the ground-source water comes in contact with a pocket of radon in the soil underground. Does your family use well water in your Atlanta, Georgia home? You should consider having it tested for radon. If radon is in your water supply, your family is exposed to it every time they turn on the tap.

What should be done about waterborne radon contaminated well water in Atlanta?

Waterborne radon reduction in your Atlanta, Georgia home takes care of the problem, but it’s important to hire an experienced radon mitigation company for the job. Why not hire the lowest bidding contractor? Because effective waterborne radon reduction requires first of all specific tests, only a few of which are approved by the EPA as accurate. The radon level in the water supply determines what type of waterborne radon reduction system your home needs. Effective radon mitigation in Atlanta, Georgia also requires plumbing and electrical skills to install systems in the optimal location for your home.

After testing, our radon mitigation specialist will recommend the best system for your Atlanta, Georgia home: aeration, or granulated activated carbon. The choice will depend partly on the level of radon found in your water, as well as other impurities that might affect the success of the chosen system, and require pretreatment. Our radon mitigation specialist will also decide the size of the system based on your home’s water flow, and will recommend the best location for the location of the system based on the layout of your home. All of these factors will be decided to maximize the effectiveness of the waterborne radon reduction system used in your home in Atlanta, Georgia. A decision like that is best left to someone with years of experience in the industry.

Keep your family safe and healthy in Atlanta, Georgia. We are certified, qualified, licensed for Atlanta, Georgia, and ready to help you with waterborne radon abatement services.