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Thursday, April 11, 2013 @ 03:04 PM
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Radon Mitigation Atlanta is the Solution for HUD

HUD Radon Mitigation AtlantaRecently, we posted in regard to the new HUD regulations in regard to radon gas. In case you are unaware, HUD has started to make it a requirement to have a mitigation system installed in all multi-family homes that test positively for radon gas. This requirement only applies to all multi-family homes that are financed through HUD, but it is still a good guideline to use at not only protecting the safety of your home, but protecting your investment.

In order to understand the process you will be going through, S.W.A.T. Environmental will lay out the basic process for radon mitigation Atlanta. This will make it easy for you to understand what your family will see in the coming months, and provide a little advise at handling the situation. Whether or not you own a multi-family home, this can be beneficial at laying out the process of radon mitigation Atlanta.

Radon Mitigation Atlanta First Steps

The first step of radon mitigation Atlanta is to have your home tested. Once your home is tested, you will get a much clearer idea of whether or not you are in danger. For multi-family homes, it is important to note that all units of the multi-family home be tested. Radon may be infecting one unit, but not another unit. The main reason testing is so important is that this gas cannot be seen or smelled. This means that without testing, there is literally no way of knowing whether or not your Atlanta home is at risk.

There is long term and short term testing. Both will give you the results you need, but typically long term testing is slightly more accurate. It is encouraged that all doors and windows remain shut for the majority of testing in order to provide the most accurate readings. Once you receive your test results, you will be able to make an informed decision of whether or not a radon mitigation Atlanta is needed.

HUD is now requiring all multi-family homes with high levels of radon gas have a radon mitigation system installed. Whether or not your home is financed through HUD, if it returns high levels of radon gas, then it is probably a good idea to have a mitigation system installed.

S.W.A.T. Environmental is local to the Atlanta area, and has the years of experience need to provide quality mitigation. We have been providing radon mitigation for decades now, and know all the challenges you are facing through this problem. We can provide certified specialist to reduce your radon levels, and make your home a safe place again. Contact us today to get a free quote on radon mitigation Atlanta, and get your home back in regulation with HUD. Do not let this silent killer claim any more lives in the Atlanta areas, and do not be responsible for an unsafe rental property. Test your home today.

Thursday, September 20, 2012 @ 03:09 PM
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Atlanta Radon Mitigation Company Goes National

Inc. 5000 SWAT Environmental Radon Mitigation Atlanta, GARecently, S.W.A.T. Environmental, which serves local Atlanta, Georgia residents in need of radon mitigation, was named one of the fastest growing companies of 2012 by is the nation’s source for up to date news on business. It is projected that S.W.A.T. Environmental will have revenue of $12 million for the year of 2012 according to the CFO. In this troubled economy, S.W.A.T. Environmental created over sixty jobs, and has grown 155%. What started from humble beginnings has now advanced to industry leading growth, being the first radon mitigation company to ever make Inc’s list.

While years of training, hard work, and dedication are some of the contributing factors, our business would not be successful without our wonderful customers. We would like to thank all of our customers for your business, and appreciate the numerous referrals you have provided us. It is truly our joy to serve your home, and provide quality radon mitigation services to the Atlanta area, as we know the great impact in which radon can have on our health.

Atlanta Radon Mitigation Company is Not Ordinary

Many people often go the route of hiring a general contractor, or laborer to install a radon mitigation system. This often tends to be a poor choice. Radon is a radioactive gas, and you should not take it lightly. The company you hire needs to have the knowledge, training and certifications to know how to reduce the levels of radon for your Atlanta home. With years of experience, there is no radon problem that is too large or too small for us.

Anytime you call us, toll free at 1-800-NO-RADON, you will be able to speak to a knowledgeable representative on the line, who can answer any questions you may have about the dangers of radon gas, radon mitigation, and the effects to your home or health. We are never pushy, and always offer a free quote. You may be shocked that as the nation’s leading radon mitigation company our prices often beat our competitors’.

Do I Need Radon Mitigation?

Often we speak with people who will directly ask us whether or not they need radon mitigation. This is a fair question, but let me explain to you why it may be somewhat complicated. Odorless, colorless, tasteless, and essentially non-existent to the human body, radon testing is the only true way to determine whether or not you need radon mitigation. It is important to note that just because one test may return negative results, you cannot predict the levels of uranium in your soil, or how quickly they may break down to form radon gas. Although it this gas is essentially invisible to us, its health risks are not. Each year 21,000 people die from radon gas, and roughly 7.8 million households have above normal levels. My suggestion to Atlanta residents is always to test your home frequently, and if needed, contact us for a free quote on a professionally installed radon mitigation system.