Residential Radon Mitigation – Atlanta, Georgia

Residential Radon Mitigation in Atlanta, Georgia

Residential Radon Mitigation in AtlantaKeeping your family safe in Atlanta, Georgia may become challenging once you discover that your home tests for high levels of radon. What is radon, how did it happen in Atlanta, Georgia, what is residential radon mitigation, and will it make your Atlanta, Georgia home safe? Find the answers below, then consider our company for qualified residential radon mitigation for your home in Atlanta.

How did radon enter my home in Atlanta?

Radon is a natural, odorless gas found in the earth throughout the U.S. It is radioactive and a known carcinogen. If present in the ground under a home’s foundation, radon can enter the home through cracks or other small openings. A well-insulated home acts as a vacuum and then circulates the radon throughout the home’s interior air.

Radon can enter homes in two ways in Atlanta, Georgia.

If a home in Atlanta, Georgia uses a ground-source well for its water supply, radon can also enter the home this way, even if radon is not a threat through earth contact. The water table may come into contact with a pocket of radon elsewhere, and carry it into the home. Your family is then exposed to radon with every contact with water – showers, hand washing, brushing teeth, or drinking from the tap.

How does successful residential radon mitigation work in GA?

The most successful residential radon mitigation method involves equalizing the air pressure between the interior and exterior of your home. By breaking the vacuum effect that sucks the radon up through entry points in your Atlanta, Georgia home’s foundation, the radon is prevented from entering.

An experienced radon mitigation specialist in Atlanta, Georgia will test both the interior air quality and ground-source water. A residential radon mitigation contractor will also have the tools and equipment specific to radon abatement. When you look for a residential radon mitigation contractor in Atlanta, Georgia, consider our company’s services.