Commercial Radon Mitigation – Atlanta, Georgia

Commercial Radon Mitigation in Atlanta, Georgia

Commercial Radon Mitigation In AtlantaYour business in Atlanta, Georgia could be at serious risk if it is found to have dangerous levels of radon. Not only will you have to hire a company for commercial radon mitigation, but you may be required to close up until the air clears. Don’t waste time with a general contractor, even a good one. Commercial radon mitigation requires specific equipment and experience. You’ll find both and more with our company, licensed and certified in Atlanta, Georgia.

How did radon enter my Atlanta, Georgia building?

There are two ways radon enters any building. First and most commonly, through the soil and through cracks or holes in the foundation. Radon in the soil underneath is then sucked up into the interior due to the unequal air pressure between indoor and outdoor air. Once it reaches the ventilation systems, it is most often circulated and trapped. The second way radon can enter a building is through a ground-source water (well water).

Commercial Radon Mitigation For Buildings in GA

Completing commercial radon mitigation swiftly is important for your business in Atlanta but more important is ensuring the right methods, equipment, and tools are used to properly abate the radon. Successful methods involve equalizing the air pressure inside the building. This effectively prevents radon from entering, if it is done right.

Consider our company’s services when you find your business needs commercial radon mitigation. Radon abatement is a highly specialized area, and our company has years of experience in the industry. Hire the right radon company and reopen your Atlanta, Georgia business – without the threat of radon exposure, or the possibility of having to shut down to fix it again. Call S.W.A.T Environmental for a free quote today!