Air Purification Systems – Atlanta, Georgia

Air Purification Systems in Atlanta, Georgia

Air Purification Atlanta GeorgiaGerms, allergens, viruses – don’t you just wish you could zap these airborne pollutants in your Atlanta, Georgia home? You can with an ultraviolet air purification system. Breathe in the possibilities of cleaner air in your home.

The air in your Atlanta, Georgia home could have 1,000 times more pollutants than the air outdoors. Partially the problem is a lack of ventilation – most homes have HVAC systems that recirculate the air. However, opening your windows will only welcome more allergens, and won’t keep your home energy efficient. HEPA filters and ionization systems are only marginally effective at treating the pollutants in an Atlanta, Georgia home.

An ultraviolet light air purification system is 99.9% effective against:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Mold spores
  • Allergens, including dust mites and pet dander
  • Germs
  • Odors

Clean Your Air Using an Ultraviolet Air Purification System

A UV light air purification system is installed directly onto your existing HVAC system in Atlanta, Georgia, and works by funneling the recirculated air through the UV chamber. There the UV light kills pollutants as they pass through, pushing out clean air. This is the most effective air purification system for homes or offices in Atlanta, Georgia. It is so effective at cleaning the air of impurities that many hospitals and government facilities have been using it for decades.

Do you need a UV air purification system for your home in Atlanta, Georgia? Would you like to give your family a cleaner, healthier environment, a safe haven from allergies and a reduction in medical expenses? Contact our company for a free quote.