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Friday, November 30, 2012 @ 08:11 PM
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Radon Gas Causes Lung Cancer in Nonsmoker Atlanta Residents

Radon Gas Mitigation in Atlanta, GAThroughout our lives we make decisions that positively or adversely impact our health. Whether or not you have made all the right decisions, radon gas mitigation is a large determining factor on whether or not you will be diagnosed with lung cancer. Recent studies and reports have shown that more and more nonsmokers are being diagnosed with lung cancer, and it is believed that radon gas is filling one of the main contributing causes.

You may be one of those people who always ate the right food, exercised regularly, fed your body proper nutrition, and even ate organic fruits and vegetables. While all of these efforts are great for your health, the underlying factor of whether or not your Atlanta home has had radon gas mitigation may be a large determinate in whether or not you have lung cancer.

Atlanta Radon Gas Mitigation is the Answer

In areas of Utah, where there are very few smokers relative to the population, sometimes as many as 50% of those diagnosed with lung cancer have never picked up a cigarette even once in their life. This is echoed across the United States and Canada as new studies have shown that radon gas causes roughly 16% of all lung cancer cases. When you factor this in, it contributes to roughly 20,000 deaths each year because of radon gas.

Radon gas forms from the Uranium in the soil beneath your Atlanta, GA home. We all know that radiation causes cancer, and radon gas is exactly that – radioactive. Knowing this is half the battle. While pesticides and other chemicals have ongoing debates of their long term effects on human health, radon is a black and white issue. You know it is harmful for the simple fact that it is radioactive.

Protecting Your Atlanta Georgia Home With Radon Gas Mitigation

The probability that your home is being affected by radon gas will vary between the specific location of your home. Your Atlanta home may be on a hotbed for radon gas, meaning that it is likely your health, and your family’s health will be adversely affected. You home may not be on a giant slab of Uranium, meaning that you are safe, but the for sure proven way to determine this is through a radon test.

Once you have your radon testing results, you are ready to know if your Atlanta home needs radon gas mitigation. Radon gas mitigation will ensure that up to 99% of the radon from your Atlanta home has been removed. Depending on the location of the radon, and the method of entry, the radon gas mitigation method may be different than your neighbors. With many areas across the United States averaging high levels of radon gas, it is an easy decision to know that radon gas mitigation is imperative in protecting your health.