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Friday, December 16, 2011 @ 08:12 PM
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Atlanta Business Owners Concerned About Vapor Intrusion

Vapor Intrusion Atlanta, GAAs a resident of Atlanta, you may already be familiar with the problem of radon contamination. But radon is not the only danger lurking in the soil and water of the Atlanta, Georgia area. If you own a business or commercial property in the Atlanta, Georgia area, you also need to be aware of the problem of vapor intrusion, also know as VI. Like radon, vapor intrusion involves potentially dangerous chemicals and compounds seeping into indoor spaces. But unlike radon, vapor intrusion covers a whole range of contaminants, from volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, to petroleum hydrocarbons.

Many of these compounds have already been shown to cause serious illness in human beings, and serious harm to the environment. If you fail to take the proper steps to find and treat vapor intrusion in your Atlanta, Georgia business, you could be putting yourself, your employees and your livelihood on the line.

Hire an Experienced Atlanta Vapor Intrusion Specialist for Your Business

There is only one way to tell whether or not your Atlanta, Georgia area businesses or commercial facilities are contaminated or at risk by vapor intrusion, and that is to have those facilities tested. Only a licensed and qualified contractor doing business in the Atlanta, Georgia area will be able to tell for sure if your firm is at risk. Those firms have the specialized testing equipment and the expertise necessary to make such a determination.

When you contact an Atlanta, Georgia area vapor intrusion and detection firm, that company should take samples of the groundwater and the soil around each of your business and commercial buildings. Vapor intrusion can be a problem for virtually any commercial scale building, including warehouses, storage facilities, offices and factories. Until you have your Atlanta, Georgia area business tested, you can never know for sure.

If the testing finds that your Atlanta, Georgia area business does have high levels of volatile organic compounds, petroleum hydrocarbons, heavy metals and other signs of vapor intrusion, the company can work with you to develop a mitigation plan and make your facilities safe. Vapor intrusion problems can be fixed. The key is to work with a firm that has experience fixing these problems in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Different parts of the country have different problems with vapor intrusion, with different chemicals and compounds playing a role in the contamination. Using a company with specific expertise is one of the best ways to solve the problem once and for all.

You owe it to yourself, your workers and your business to have all of your Atlanta, Georgia area buildings tested for vapor intrusion, even if you had testing done when you purchased the business. Problems with vapor intrusion can build up slowly over time, so periodic testing is definitely in order. If you find that your buildings have no vapor intrusion problems, you can rest easy. But if you do find vapor intrusion in your Atlanta, Georgia area business, you will have the head start you need to solve the vapor intrusion problem before any lasting damage occurs.